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Time ago we announced a work in the Sanctuary to lower the altar and install additional handrails. This weekend you see that is happening. Why is it necessary to change the beautiful sanctuary we enjoyed for more than 20 years?

When I first arrived I was impressed by the beauty of the Church’s sanctuary. I am aware of its beauty and value, and that touching even a little part is risky and a tough decision. However, I soon experienced myself that the three-steps platform of the altar being narrow causes safety and accessibility issues. The previous pastor had alerted me and provided a report of the Diocesan Office of Risk Management whose recommendations I am following: installing handrails in steps of the tabernacle altar and ambo and lowering the altar.

I am totally honest when I state that I am concerned about the safety and accessibility of the current configuration. Another concern is about the respect for the Eucharist. We all know that Deacon Caporiccio fell once while bringing the Eucharist and the hosts were spread all around on the floor. In addition, I was bringing the Chalice on one occasion and I was close to falling. All these circumstances brought me to consider thoroughly and consult about the convenience of this project.

Many of you disagree with this decision; that has not been easy. As Pastor I understand that it is my responsibility to look for the safety of all who serve the altar including myself, even if this requires the painful decision of lowering the altar.

There is also the inconvenience caused by the work: placing a temporary altar, noise, and dust in the church. I apologize and appreciate a lot your patience and understanding. We are working hard with the many parishioners’ generous help to minimize the impact. In a couple weeks the altar will be reinstalled in the lowered platform and I hope you will enjoy the new configuration being more accessible and safe. The bishop, celebrating the 50th anniversary closure Mass will benefit as well from this work.




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