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Stewardship Prayer

Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory,
my understanding, and my entire will,
all that I have and possess.
You have given all to me.
To you, O Lord, I return it.
All is Yours, dispose of it wholly
according to your will.
Give me Your love and Your grace,
for this is sufficient for me.

With the Magi We Offer Our Gifts to Jesus

Gratitude and openness stirred the hearts of the Magi to set out in search of a mystery. In this same way we want to join the Magi following the star on their journey to Bethlehem to offer the infant Jesus their gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  This weekend we begin our annual Stewardship Campaign, which will take three weeks and has three goals: 1) to advance the culture of Stewardship; 2) to increase enrollment in Faith Direct; and 3) to offer the gift of our time & talent.

1) The star that guides us is our desire to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us. Thus our first goal is to advance the culture of Stewardship in our parish family. The good steward understands that our charitable giving is based on the key idea that we have a need to give before we give to a need. Our need to give is our response in love. There is a relationship of giving and receiving that is very important to stewardship spirituality: God gives and we receive. Then, on our part we learn how to return it to him according to his will for us.

2) Each of us has been gifted by God with unique time, talent and treasure and the path to spiritual growth is stewarding these gifts. God asks us to give of our gifts, not because he has a need but because he knows it is for our growth. The first of them is treasure. Our parish family is well known for its generosity. Although we invite you to consider increasing your offertory donations, our focus is to increase enrollment in the Faith Direct electronic giving. By planning in advance how much you’ll give, you offer the first fruits to God; in addition, Faith Direct is easier for you, is secure, and enables the parish to more accurately plan cash flow and manage expenses.

3) Finally, for our last main goal we invite you to consider how you can be better stewards of your time (prayer) and talent. As Bishop Loverde says, prayer is “the evangelist’s life-breath” (Go Forth With Hearts On Fire, p. 27). Without intense prayer our spiritual energy fades and we lose sight of the star that guides us. Prayer is the spring of spiritual fruitfulness.Inspired by prayer, like the Magi we can recognize and share our talents. To help you we will make available a ministry booklet with many different opportunities. Your stewardship of talent can make a great difference in the life of the parish.

Advent is a time of prayer. This atmosphere can inspire us as we consider our gifts of treasure, time, and talent. During Christmas we exchange presents within our families. What will be my present for Jesus and my parish family?





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